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Welcome to the original Timo's Free Christian Clipart Site. TimoArt is where you will find free high quality  Christian Clip Art.

Dear Christian friend, you have reached Timo's Original Christian Clipart and religious Clipart Site, Timo began providing free Christian clipart in 1995, so check out the free images we provide. In Feb 2001 the site was acquired by Newfield Solutions and hosted on the current domain name. In order to support the cost of hosting this site in 2006 began to include advertising from Google on this site, we hope this does not offend, please feel free to follow the links and support us.

All graphics files on this site are free for download. So, whether you need graphic for a newsletter, or a clipart image to include in a church bulletin, or just something to spice up your web page, we hope you find this site useful. 

Please do NOT link directly to any image, feel free to download the image to your own computer, and then upload it to your web site. Images are protected by WebGuard, which will display the webguard logo when you least expect it. Clipart is not to be used as any part of any other collection of images neither free nor for sale. Webmasters who feel their visitors would be interested in our art are welcome to link to this url: http://TimoArt.com/; to request a reciprocal link email us at the address below.... 

All clipart files are in GIF format; you can convert to other formats by using any of the graphics programs found in the Utilities section.

Disclaimer: This site deals mostly with non-copyrighted material; those items that are copyrighted, are so indicated, and are included with permission of the copyright holder. To the best of our knowledge, the clipart pictures included are not copyrighted unless so noted, and therefore free for downloading. If you do see a copyrighted item included without permission, please contact us and we will fix it. 

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